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Google’s global Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow is coming to a city near you. As many of you know, on March 25, we will be making major product announcements at Google Cloud Platform Live. The Roadshow will kick off immediately following this event and will visit 26 cities around the world. If you’d like to attend, register here.

In the roadshow, we will be talking about new approaches to computing that enable you to move beyond traditional divisions of PaaS and IaaS. We will also show how we are creating a developer experience that enables you to work more efficiently as you build, test, and deploy your code.

This is a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of the world's biggest cloud and engage with the international Google Cloud Platform team.

The Roadshow will be visiting Europe, Asia, and North America. We hope you can join us.

Greg DeMichillie has spent his entire career working on developer platforms for web, mobile, and the cloud. He started as a software engineer before making the jump to Product Management. When not coding, he's an avid photographer and gadget geek.

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By Ryan Boyd, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform team has joined up with the folks at Twilio, Splunk, ESPN, Cloudant, and others to host a Sports Hack Day at the HUB in Seattle during Super Bowl weekend. Even better, we’ve extended the length of a "day" to 48 hours! That’s 48 hours for hacking on fun sports data and using APIs and technologies like Google App Engine, Google BigQuery, and Google Compute Engine for sports-themed projects.

sports hack day logo

Join us February 1st through 3rd for great hacking, food, prizes, fun, and a group viewing of the game. We’ll be hosting a workshop on the Google Cloud Platform and will also have people around the event to help out as you build your awesome apps!

You can find more info on

Ryan Boyd is a Developer Advocate, focused on making developers successful building on the Google Cloud Platform. He previously worked on the Google Apps ISV ecosystem, and recently published his first book "Getting Started with OAuth 2.0" with O'Reilly.

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Author PhotoBy Seth Ladd, Developer Advocate

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The Dart team invites you to the first global Dart hackathon, a collaboration between the Dart team and the developer community. Sign up and have fun hacking on Dart to build modern client and server side web apps and libraries.

Current hackathon locations include:
  • North America:
    • Silicon Valley, California, USA
  • South America:
    • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Europe and Middle East:
    • London, England
    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Asia:
    • Bacolod City, Philippines
    • Chandigarh, India
    • Goa, India
    • Karnataka, India
    • Manipal, India
    • New Delhi, India
    • Seoul, Korea
    • Tokyo, Japan
Hackathon dates vary by location. Check out the full list for the schedule.

The Dart project is still in technology preview, which means you’ll be hacking on early access code, but that’s all part of the fun. We’re eager to see what you build, and we hope you can make it. Register today!

Seth Ladd is a Developer Advocate with the Chrome team, and is having a grand ol' time learning Dart.

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By David Glazer, Engineering Director, Google+

Hundreds of millions of users are already having fun playing games on the web. With GDC going on this week (#googlegdc), we wanted to give you an update on our efforts to improve the web ecosystem for game developers.

New technology capabilities

With HTML5, WebGL, and WebRTC, the browser has evolved into a feature-rich gaming platform. We are working closely with all browser vendors to further improve the web’s capabilities with new HTML5 APIs such as Gamepad, Mouse Lock, and Fullscreen.

Native Client (NaCl), a technology that enables console quality games in the browser, is also gaining traction. Starting today, the BlitzTech Gaming engine and the Havok Physics Engine have announced NaCl support, complementing a rich ecosystem of game middleware. Some of the latest games that take advantage of NaCl’s capabilities are Zombie Track Meat, Eets Munchies, Go Home Dinosaurs, Dark Legends, Air Mech, and Ubisoft’s From Dust. You can see an early preview of them at our GDC booth.

Improved distribution and monetization

Using social information in game play allows users to connect in more meaningful ways and developers to build even more compelling games. Google+ games continues to grow and attract exciting new games, including the exclusive launch of the epic fantasy title Kingdom Age last week. To help social game developers reach more users globally, all Google+ games will soon be available in the Chrome Web Store, providing an audience of hundreds of millions of users.

In addition, our In-App Payments solution recently added support for more currencies and optimized the payment flow to enable higher conversions.

Visit us at GDC and on the web

To get started working with us, you can now access a new site,, that pulls together all our technologies to help you build, distribute, promote, and monetize your games. And for those of you attending GDC this week, stop by our developer day and our booth. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the gaming community and bringing the best games to hundreds of millions of Internet gamers.

David Glazer, Engineering Director for Google+ .

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